Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The month of April was full with Weddings.  One of my favorite shoots was with this Bride & Groom.  We shot just the two of them the day before their wedding.  Lots of good things (the lighting, the location, the couple, the love) were going on to make these images so and beautiful.  

This is my little boy.  Since the age of 2 he has loved trains.

So I wanted to go back to March to share some images from a Wedding we did in Mammoth Lakes, CA.  This was an amazing wedding, regardless of the snowy & freezing conditions.  The Bride and Groom were so relaxed and rolled with the punches.  
Here I GO!!!  
I'm attempting to Step Up my Game.

I'm not trying to prove that my life is all that cool or interesting.

But I did want to show how much I love what I do!

My current web-site is just a little out of date (Help!)
That is my Everest (really large mountain) I hope to one day conquer.